The “Path of Hope” is a community art project. The plan is to create a number of pathways using mainly power washer art, as well as other forms of artwork, in a public space. The purpose of the project is to give voice to Canadian patients, patient groups, and unsung terminal illness survivors, one sidewalk block at a time.

We are collecting artwork and stories from Canadian patients, and embedding their portraits, artwork, and social media URL, on the pathway design. The artwork digital media campaign will create a lasting impact online.

This project allows institutions to create a space for Canadian patient stories, and allows Canadian artists to truly engage with critical issues of our time. Our values are guided by patient participation, and our priority is patients’ well-being.

We are working strategically to ground these stories, and to make meaningful connections with the locals, in order to create real engagement with other patients who have not yet figured out how to handle their condition.

We need your support to extend the pathway, activate healthcare awareness, and make a lasting positive impact on local communities.  Please contact us to learn how you can contribute.

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