About Us

The focus of Greater Vancouver Business Brokers is on facilitating the sale of private  businesses in the healthcare sector. Our board of advisors and associates includes well-seasoned accounting, tax, legal, trustee, corporate finance, technology, valuation and business process optimization professionals. Our representatives are experienced business brokers with successful track records. We believe we can help our clients to get the most out of their business sale transaction.

Our Capabilities

We have in-depth knowledge of capital pool companies (CPC), special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC), plans of arrangement, alternative public offerings (ATO), initial public offerings, general partners and limited partnerships (LP/GP), as well as flow through and family office structures. We utilize these financial structures to help our clients execute timely, transparent and cost effective mergers and acquisitions.

Our Value Proposition

When we were planning our business, we wanted to provide a service that allowed us to be close to entrepreneurs, because entrepreneurship is also at the heart of our philosophy. We like well-executed business strategies, we like the thrill of closing deals, and we like to win against all the odds. We want to be close to people who are in the middle of the action.

Business brokerage fits the criteria of what we wanted to provide. The next step was to seek out our most valuable proposition; this is important because the value proposition is a promise to our customers. We tested our capabilities, and observed how they would create an impact on the market, asking ourselves, “is our idea favorable and feasible?” We also asked, “how can we manage to get some market share from the bigger investor relations who have a much greater marketing budget?”

It all comes down to finding qualified business buyers for our customers, who are usually C level executives who have sold several businesses already. He/she may have used retainer-based business brokers before, but then slowly discovered that the meetings with potential buyers did not materialize or that investors/buyers were not pre-qualified before the meetings.

As for our value proposition, we decided not to charge our clients an upfront retainer fee, this is the service feature with the highest value proposition compared to our competitors. A service that is unique and relevant to our customers and is what they want. We take an equity position or back end commission as compensation. It is an offering that is fair to our customers and a proposition that is sustainable.